Little Munden Equestrian is a  Highly Commended BHS Livery Yard, part of gaining such high recognition is the fact our staff are highly qualified and experienced, thus providing the highest standards of care for your horse.

Tom Hawkins – Proprietor
Tom learned to ride at a later age, whilst serving as a Royal Air Force Officer and after having met Tracy. He had previously participated in ultra-running, mountaineering and rock climbing. Tracy’s plan to teach Tom enough about horses so that he could muck out hers and act as a competition groom, soon backfired when he caught the equine bug and bought one of his own. 
He is a keen eventer and enjoys competing at dressage (having realised that he was too poor to continue playing polo).  He is currently producing his own 8yo thoroughbred ready for his first British Dressage season.  When not riding, Tom enjoys tractor driving and loading/unloading the washing machine. 

Tracy Hawkins - Administration and Events
Tracy started riding aged 5 yrs, she spent every spare minute of her childhood working on yards in exchange for free rides and  has a vast range of experience of riding many different types of horses. After leaving school, she studied Brooksby Agricultural College and worked on both hunting and point-to-point yards. Having an early mid-life crisis, she changed careers and qualified in Sports Medicine then worked in professional rugby at national and international level for 15 years, where she specialised in the development and implementation of specific rehabilitation programmes for elite sportsmen. 

Following a serious neck injury, Tracy qualified as a Doctor of McTimoney chiropractic and now runs her own clinic.  The majority of her patients are sports people, with many horse riders ranging from happy hackers to those competing professionally. Using her 25 plus years of experience, Tracy offers help to our liveries and their horses, assisting them by developing fitness and rehabilitation programmes, using her knowledge of both horse and rider bio-mechanics to help them achieve their riding goals. She successfully competes at elementary dressage and endurance riding. She claims this shows a true all-rounder; the rest of us wonder if she just likes to take a detour down the centre line.

Eva Döhmann - Yard Manager

Eva has been working with horses since the age of 14, gaining experience in riding schools, livery and equine veterinary clinics.  In 2014 she completed her 3 year graduate training in Germany in Equine Husbandry, Equine Production and Service with outstanding grades.  From  2014 to 2016, she worked for international dressage riders Amy Stovold and Andrew Gould, where she was responsible for the competition preparation and daily care of their international dressage horses.  She has a special interest in working horses from the ground to develop their strength in a natural action.  Whilst she gets fantastic results with the horse, if you see her coming towards you with a lunge line, you may want to trot off before you find yourself going round in circles with your gait being analysed!

Marta Olesinska

Marta has been riding since she was a child, following her passion for horses she graduated with a Masters Degree in Equine Husbandry in 2013 at Warsaw University. From 2009 to 2013 she worked along side her studies at both livery and breeding yards. Following her graduation she came to England to expand her experience in another country working in a private breeding yard and a riding school.  Marta joined our team in 2016,  she is currently studying (when not working or riding her own horse, clearly she does not sleep much) for an animal physiotherapy degree. She has a special interest in horse behaviour and their physical responses to psychological events.

Eszter Kis-Baranyi

Eszter started with us as an apprentice in April 2017.  She started riding at the age of 3 and has a great love for all aspects of horses and horse care.  In her native Hungary, she was lucky enough to ride a range of horses and worked on yards in her school holidays.  She has won a 20Km endurance race as a teenager competing in the adult category, if she askes if you would like to join her on a power trot, try to find a good excuse, there is a reason she is as slim as she is!

Little Munden Equestrian The Team